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Hey, I am golf clash cheater and welcome to my Golf Clash Hack website. I’ll teach you how you can get more Gems and Coins thanks to golf clash cheats. I’ll show you how to cheat in Golf Clash game.

How to use the hack?

  • Click a button below to use the golf clash generator
  • Enter your golf clash username
  • Enter the gems you need in golf clash
  • Enter the amount of golf coins
  • Click on the cheat start button
  • Wait till the cheat finishes

   Start Using the Golf Clash Booster

First, I use a fresh account. I’ve got all the beginner clubs. I don’t have any coins and barely any gems. It’s a guest account, and I’m going to show you how to generate more gems and coins into your game. The first thing you’re going to want to do, open up Safari or whatever web browser you have. Head to go down there and click that link you’ll be brought to the same page after you’re on that page, you’ll be brought here.

How to use the Golf Clash Hack

golf clash hack iosYou’re going to want to scroll down, hit that access golf clash cheats button. Right there if you want you can read about how to use the Golf Clash hack on the webpage I suggest you do this, it’s obvious and simple. Once you get to this page enter your username. If you’re a guest just enter your guest number and you’re going to want to select the device on the next box Android or iOS.

I’m using it on iOS. Continue to the next step; you’re going to want to select the number of coins that you want. I’m going to choose 70 000 gems that you want. I’ll choose 17 000, goes up to max. You know gems are the best currency in the game. Anyway, and you’re going to want to hit generate. Now it starts generating the resources here. You’re need to wait for this after this step you’re going be brought to a human verification screen. Now, this is the worst part, but if you want the resources, you’re going to have to complete the human verification. So all it is is a little survey for some product could be coca-cola, could be Amazon – who knows.


It only takes a couple of minutes. It doesn’t matter what survey you do just pick any on the list that shows up. After you’re done, that survey just got to restart your golf clash game. These resources we’ll be generating into your game. Like I said you don’t have to do the same survey as me you can pick any one that you want now. If you don’t want to do an offer just exit out of this post but if you wish to the resources you’re going to have to do the survey now it only takes a couple of minutes so don’t feel discouraged after that just restart your game you may have the resources.

After the Golf Clash generator finished

Then you’ll be able to start upgrading all your clubs you’ll be able to buy and play with whatever ball you want. This honestly makes the game ten times more fun, and you’ll be losing a lot less golf-kingagainst players that have better equipment than you. You’re going to have most likely the best stuff after using this. So if it worked for you, please share this. Please leave a comment saying that I worked so other people know. Enjoy your golf clash cheats.

Tricks for Golf Clash

How to get golden shots

I show you how to place a play this one in the best way possible. We don’t have that much wind which of course helps a lot. We’re going to go with four bars of backspin. Don’t use any side when I’m using here as you can see the red ring. I’m going to use golf clash hack it a little bit before that. So using those rings to go with four bars of backspin is my primary approach. You’re going to go a little bit to the left side of the pin to give yourself a great golf opportunity, 3.5 adjust for 4.5 because the ball will be affected a little bit more by the wind. Because to do to the elevation is, of course, a lot necessary to hit this one perfect Golf Clash Hack.
We do hit it correctly, and it will bounce there – it is normal in golf clash.
Use the backspin that we do have, and we line it up a little bit to it a little bit too far of course. And this is not the ultimate way, but we at least get the tapas chest.

You receive some Titan golf ball. So I think that is this is better than the circuit ball. So I’m going to go again play the shot. So let’s play another shot. We’re going to go with four catches of backspin again. I’m going to land it a little bit further.
We can see that we were up there almost before, but we’re going to go a little bit down. I’m going to use this way here in golf clash. There we go, now the correct line we have three point two to go with golf club hitting that one perfect shot and you’ll see that you bounce.

real golfI leave it too long this time as well but we get the red ring but we were right on target, and we’re still taking all the chests. So you get some sniper shot tsunami and also tighten balls. Again I do like stretch balls. You may think that now it is done, but it is not! I’m going to have three more shots to go hopefully.

We can get the two last ones in Golf Clash. I’m going to go again with four bars of backspin having that as our primary adjustment. And we’re going to go a little bit down again. And I’m going to use it.

There we go with that 13.3 to adjust for when it comes to a little bit of tailwind hitting that one perfect. It’s essential to get your ball correctly. As you can see for yourself, we’ll line up. We take the yellow ring, and we’re close now to the hole-in-one which is of course important. So we got the fire chest malibu’s skewer thanks to golf clash hack no survey.

We’ve got some fantastic golf clubs and some titan Golf Clash Hack balls as well. See, if we can get the hole-in-one when we have two shots more to go. We’re going to line it up again with four bars of backspin, not anything else. And that’s going to adjust for it to be a little bit more. I’m going to have that white ring there to go. We have three in the wind again lining up head and the right making that bounce.

We are very close to the hole in one a little bit too much on the left Golf Clash Hack side. We can’t be that much closer, but at least we do want to have the golf hole one. Let’s see if we can get the last one for our final try. We’re going to go with four bars again 3.5 in the other direction. I’m not using any golf side spin, and that is something that I do not want because I think it’s enough to go with just golf clash backspin.

With this approach, you do not have that much wind. You want to have only a smooth way to playing it hitting Golf Clash Hack that one perfect shot in golf clash game. See if we can get the golf hole one here on the last try.
You get a high bounce but we are very very close in Golf Clash, but we couldn’t get the Golf Clash Hack hole-in-one. Good luck with golf golden shots!
These tips are from Golf Clash Tommy.

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